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Laitteet näön- ja silmäntutkimukseen  tarkasti, tehokkaasti ja turvallisesti

The Optifin wholesaler operates from Helsinki to all over country

We are a wholesaler of optical eyesight examination devices and paraphernalia. Our customers include opticians, ophthalmologists and medical centers. We can practically offer you everything starting from the small instruments to the compact examination units. Obviously we also maintain the devices- not only the ones we have sold but also many others.

Our office and maintain center is located in Oulunkylä, Helsinki where there is good traffic connection.

Optifin Oy

Business ID: 1073547-3
Mikkolantie 1, 00640 HELSINKI

+358 20 743 9370


Kimmo Veikkolainen, CEO +358 40 900 1415
Katja Veikkolainen, office manager +358 40 900 1416
Jarkko Stelmacher, maintenance technician +358 40 900 1419

Orders and queries

Our call center always connects you to the first free line, making it the best way to reach us quickly. E-mail/electronic form is the best way to order small instruments, if you know exactly what you need.

Send your orders to info@optifin.fi, and they will be processed during the same day.

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